The Project
I am building a modified Aerocanard,  a derivative of the Cozy MkIV, which in turn is derived from the Rutan Long-Ez.  In stock, plans configuration this aircraft is capable of cruising at 175kts+ for over 1000nm. Mine will not be stock. I'm thinking about calling it the 'Not Quite So Cozy'.

The aircraft carries up to 4 people in
 reclined seating and is notable for having a 'canard' configuration, large winglets (instead of a central vertical fin), and a 'pusher' engine at the back. The structure is primarily fibreglass.
It is constructed from plans and is not a kit as is common today. This means that the builder fabricates parts from raw materials, rather than assembling pre-made parts ordered from a supplier. I purchased the instructions (plans), they came in a small box. Then, I ordered the raw materials: fibreglass, epoxy and foam!
Turning a dream into reality
  I began researching and studying for this project 5 years before constructing the first parts.  It really began when I was invited to a Central States Association BBQ at Airventure 2011. I had an interest in these aircraft already, but here I caught the bug and most importantly became convinced that I could actually build one of these sleek machines myself.

This project is not a small 
one and is expected to take thousands of hours over about 10 years to complete. This site will contain information on the aircraft and its progress, as well as other links and information related to the aircraft.This is an Aerocanard, which is a derivative of the Cozy MkIV, which in turn is derived from the Rutan Long-Ez.  In stock, plans configuration it is capable of cruising at 175kts+. Mine will not be stock.

Speed Mods
This page contains information on the design of the Aerocanard aircraft.
In addition, information on updates, improvements, and modifications can be found here. Changes to the basic design transfers responsibility and risk to the builder / modifier.
The Aerocanard plans are divided into 26 chapters. Each chapter has a particular focus, or parts to be constructed.
This section contains links to each chapter as I progress onto it, providing a detailed account of the project as it proceeds.
A collection of all the modifcations, tweaks and flying techniques I can find to maximise speed and efficiency. Many I will be using.
​If you have something to contribute, please contact me so I can add it.
  1. Berkut 13
  2. Cozy MkIV
  3. Rutan Defiant
  4. E-Racer
Homebuilt Canards
There are approximately 400 Cozy / Aerocanards flying worldwide, and hundreds more under construction. Being hand-built, no two are exactly the same. There are a few that are substantially different to the majority.
There are >2,000 homebuilt canards flying, of various different kinds. The majority owe their design origins to legendary designer Burt Rutan. 
Various homebuilt canard designs include:
Vari-Viggen, Vari-Eze, Long-Ez, Defiant, Cozy III, Cosy Classic, Cozy MkIV, Aerocanard, E-Racer, Berkut, Velocity (various models), Velocity Twin, Speed Canard, and others.