Build Chapters

The construction plans are divided into 26 chapters. Each chapter has a particular focus, or parts to be constructed.
For example chapter 2 contains a breakdown of required materials, and chapter 5 is instructions on constructing the fuselage sides.
Each chapter link below will take you to a page detailing my experience on that chapter. The chapters are not always completed in order, and I may be working on multiple chapters at once.

Some alternatives and novel ideas here.

Chapter 1 and chapter 2 are the license, description, and materials lists. Nothing is built here.

Education chapter.

Fuselage bulkheads.

Fuselage sides.

Chapter 6
Fuselage assembly.

Chapter 7
Fuselage exterior.

Chapter 8
Headrest, heat duct, seat-belt and step.

Chapter 9
Main landing gear and landing brake.

Chapter 10
Canard construction.

Chapter 11
Elevator construction.

Chapter 12
Canard installation.

Chapter 13
Nose and nose gear.

Chapter 14
Centresection spar.

Chapter 15

Chapter 16
Control system.

Chapter 17
Pitch & roll trim, landing brake, centre console.

Chapter 18

Chapter 19
Wings & ailerons.

Chapter 20
Winglets & rudders.

Chapter 21
Wing strakes & fuel tanks.

Chapter 22
Electrical system.

Chapter 23

Chapter 24
Armrests, seats & fairings.

Chapter 25

Chapter 26